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Carriage & Wagon Restoration


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The Carriage and Wagon Restoration Workshop at the Llangollen Heritage Railway is a facility focused on the repair and refurbishment of historic railway carriages and wagons. Situated approximately a kilometre from the main Llangollen Station and Locomotive yard, this workshop plays a vital role in preserving and maintaining the heritage of the railway.

The workshop is staffed by a team of skilled craftsmen and volunteers who specialise in carriage and wagon restoration. They are responsible for inspecting, repairing, and restoring these vintage vehicles to their original condition, ensuring they are safe and functional for use on the railway.

Equipped with a range of tools and machinery, the workshop is capable of undertaking various tasks, from minor repairs to complete overhauls and renovations. The team meticulously assesses each carriage or wagon, carefully identifying and addressing any structural or cosmetic issues.

Restoration projects at the workshop often involve the replacement or repair of woodwork, upholstery, and fittings, ensuring that the vehicles retain their authentic historical character. The craftsmen also pay close attention to detail, replicating original paint schemes and decorative elements to capture the essence of the era in which the carriages and wagons were used.

The team are currently involved in restoring and refurbishing a Mark 1 TSO.  During this refurb they will remove the toilet area creating a larger vestibule for wheelchair access and widen the saloon door.  This will be our second Mark 1 adapted coach. 

Some of the expenses within Carriage and Wagon include:

  • £48 - 1 metre of Moquette - used to reupholster seating throughout our coaches
  • £50 - GWR Livery Crest 
  • £125 - Steel for an end pillar
  • £232 - Buffer beam top plate
  • £30 - Upol easy body filler
  • £525 - Gangway diaphragm - fire retardant neoprene rubber (where the coaches connect)
  • £15 - stapes, lots of staples!
  • £25 - brake block
  • £29,500 - re-tyre one set of bogies
  • £7.50 - one LED golf ball bulb

Your generous donation will help us to keep these carriages in excellent condition for our passengers enjoyment and comfort.