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We initially launched an Appeal in March when our services were suspended due to the impact of Covid-19. Llangollen Railway, like many other heritage railways throughout the country, are in need of continued financial assistance and our Appeal will remain open into 2021.

Llangollen Railway is a registered charity (1046614) and the railway relies heavily on the income from our visitors and events. Our 2020 season ran for a very limited time during 2020 due to Government restrictions, whilst open we also ran with a much reduced capacity due to social distancing measures. To compound this we only ran 1 of the 25 events we had scheduled for the year, including having to cancel our much loved Santa and Mince Pie Specials. This has had a devastating impact on our income and will continue to have a substantial impact on our future.

Following our initial shut down in March, Llangollen Railway have been very grateful to receive grant assistance from the Heritage Lottery Fund and help from other streams but these do not cover all our outgoings. We have suspended services until at least April 2021 and to enable us to proceed ‘Full Steam Ahead’ we need your support.

We have a small skeleton staff undertaking essential tasks but the majority of our employees have been asked to take furlough on 80% of their salary which will be covered by the Government.

Unfortunately, as with any business, we cannot just ‘mothball it’ and reopen in April 2021. We have ongoing monetary commitments which we need to continue to pay from insurance premiums to website fees, utility bills to rental agreements. We also have ongoing essential maintenance to our infrastructure and listed buildings, including £15,000 of essential repairs to the Dee Bridge. We cannot just close.

As a business and tourist attraction we are crucial to the Llangollen area, providing employment, volunteering opportunities and attracting many thousands of visitors to the Llangollen area who contribute many hundreds of thousands of pounds to the local economy.

We still have huge challenges ahead, we may not see usual visitor levels return until well into 2021, possibly 2022, due to social distancing and Government restrictions.

Please help to support Llangollen Railway to ensure we can continue ‘Full Steam Ahead’ into 2021 and beyond.

The quickest way to donate is online - click the Donate button.

For taxpayers we can apply for 25% Gift Aid, at no extra cost to you, which makes this a very efficient way of giving.

You can also use the following methods:

Make a transfer to Llangollen Railway Charitable Trust:

Sort code: 20 51 08   Account number: 40038008

Send a cheque to Llangollen Railway - made payable to Llangollen Railway Trust

The Station, Abbey Road, Llangollen, LL20 8SN

We are grateful for your continued support.

Llangollen Railway Board


An indication of Llangollen Railway typical expenses -

£20 4 Fishplates and matching bolts join the rails together

£20 It takes £20 of oil to operate an engine each day

£50 3 Sleepers - It takes 12 sleepers to make a complete track panel

£100 Length of Rail - We need two rails for a complete track panel

£100 Brake block – usually changed every couple of months

£200 Coal to run from Llangollen to Corwen return

£250 Monthly washout

£500 Complete Track Panel - Including rail, sleepers, spikes, fishplates and bolts

£500 12 firebars

£1000 Repair a broken loco spring

£2500 New boiler pressure relief valve

£5000 New live steam injector

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