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Llangollen Railway Trust Ltd is a registered charity (1046614) and relies heavily on income from visitors and events, albeit the railway is making purposeful inroads into grant investment.  As a tourist attraction, we are crucial to the Llangollen area, attracting many thousands of visitors who contribute millions of pounds annually to the local economy. 

The railway is also a highly significant heritage asset.  Beyond preserved railways, there is nothing comparable to Llangollen Station in terms of comprehensive survival. The limited number of such preserved sites in the UK means that Llangollen is rare and has a historic value of national significance.  Our footbridge is of a unique design, it was originally installed by GWR as a variation on their standard structure in 1898 and partially cantilevered over the River Dee.

We have many projects being undertaken including track maintenance, historic listed buildings to maintain and infrastructure to repair.  Your generous donation will help us continue to tell the Llangollen Railway story now and into the future.

For taxpayers we can apply for 25% Gift Aid, at no extra cost to you, which makes this a very efficient way of giving.